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Support and Services


Courage is a support ministry for men and women (18 years and up) who experience same-sex attractions and are in need of pastoral guidance from a chaplain or Courage ministry leader regarding their concerns and questions and/or have already made a commitment to strive for chastity (in which case they can take advantage of the Support Group option). Courage members are inspired by the Gospel’s call to holiness and the Catholic Church’s beautiful teachings about the goodness and inherent purpose of human sexuality.  They seek authentic flourishing.

Various support options are available:
*Confidentiality is assured in all options.

For Men
We are fortunate here on Long Island, to have a local chapter of the Courage apostolate for adult men, 18 years and older, where
members are provided with spiritual guidance, prayerful support, and fellowship.

Contact: Long Island Courage Chapter

For Women
Adult women, 18 years and older, who experience same-sex attractions can reach out to this contact for guidance and Apostolate options:
Contact: Yvonne 516-413-1212 (Inquirers can call or text)

Zoom Option for Young Adults (18-30 Years Old)
There is an online Young Adult Chapter that provides monthly Zoom meetings during which members receive spiritual support and
educational formation on the beauty of Catholic Teaching, and grow in fraternity with brothers and sisters striving to lead chaste lives. In-house Chaplain is Fr. Philip Bochanski.

For Teens
Please click here
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What do you recommend for Youth and Young Adults experiencing same-sex attraction?”


EnCourage is a support ministry for parents, spouses, and adult siblings (as well as other relatives and friends) who have loved ones identifying as LGBTQ and are themselves seeking out authentic and effective Catholic guidance.  The ministry provides members with pastoral, educational, and spiritual support.  EnCourage members work together to understand the experiences of their loved ones, to respond to them with compassion, and to maintain loving family bonds.

Support Options:
*Confidentiality is assured.

For Adults
We are likewise blessed to have a Long Island Chapter of EnCourage with experienced team members ready to provide the pastoral support needed.

Contact: Long Island EnCourage Chapter

Additional Resource and Support Options for All Needs:

Many additional resource and support options (including for those who experience Gender Identity Discordance) can be found on these ministry websites: