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Educational Resources

The authentically and faithfully Catholic websites and educational resources listed below, are all rich in beauty to educate, form, and transform all Catholics earnestly seeking clarity on these topics, but in particular, those who experience same-sex attraction, gender identity discordance, and a range of other experiences.  In addition, the websites and resources will be helpful to those with loved ones who have conveyed these experiences to them.  Most especially, Clergy, Religious, Educators, Lay Leaders, Health Care workers, etc. will find these an invaluable foundation for their ministries.


Catholic Teaching loves and embraces all persons as beloved sons and daughters of God. Pastoral accompaniment is intended to be abundantly loving and profound, respecting the personal dignity of each person. As in all areas connected to human sexuality, Catholic Teaching centers on doing justice to the human person and enabling each person to flourish authentically in freedom according to God’s loving plan.


Unfortunately, most persons embracing LGBTQ identities have not had the benefit of a complete Catholic understanding or pastoral guidance.  In addition, many have been hurt by members of the Church who have communicated inarticulately the beauty of Church Teaching in its fullness on these issues.  At the same time, many do not realize that there are countless men and women who have very much benefitted from appropriate accompaniment, have come to fully embrace Catholic wisdom, and are indebted to the Church for Her clarity and guidance.



Truth & Love

Comprehensive formation for all those seeking to deepen their understanding of these complex issues which are a lived reality for many people.

Courage/EnCourage Apostolate

Encounter Christ. Discover yourself. Grow in holiness.

In addition to the above websites, the support group options (listed and explained under our website “Support and Resources” page linked below) may serve as Educational Resources. Anyone (18 years and up) can reach out to the Chaplains or Coordinators for educational guidance as a part of their range of support options.


National Catholic Bioethics Center

Scroll down for these two topics: 

  • Human Sexuality 
  • Gender Identity and Being Transgender


Video Testimonies From Young Adults

Manny Gonzales

Hudson Byblow


Introductory Resource Books

Made For Love by Fr. Mike Schmitz

Made This Way by Leila Miller and Trent Horn

Accompanying Those With Same-Sex Attraction by David Prosen


Helpful Documents

In addition to the materials above, the links below are ideal for Clergy, Religious, Lay Leaders and Educators.  They provide helpful context on Church teaching regarding Gender Ideology, emphasizing that we are called to speak the Truth that leads each individual to authentic flourishing and to always do so with great compassion and charity.  Each of us is fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s Image and destined for eternal communion with Him.

“Male and Female He Created Them: Toward a Path of Dialogue on the Question of Gender Theory in Education” (Congregation for Catholic Education)

“Gender theory”/“Gender ideology”–Select Teaching Resources (USCCB)

Brief Statement on Transgenderism (National Catholic Bioethics Center)


Making Sense of Bioethics

(Fr. Tad Pacholczyk)


Additional Resources



USCCB President Clarifies Status of New Ways Ministry (USCCB)