Mission & Vision

Our mission is to build a civilization of love and life which upholds the dignity and inviolability of all innocent human life, seeks objective moral Truth, embraces the value of redemptive suffering, and yearns for the fullness of life in eternal communion with God the Creator.

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What’s in a Name?

Human Life

The foundation of the Office of Human Life, Family, and Bioethics is to uphold and protect the dignity and inviolability of all innocent human life from fertilization to natural death.  Human life is sacred because we are created in the image and likeness of God and the ultimate fullness of life is achieved in eternal communion with Him.


Pope St. John Paul II called the family the “Sanctuary of Life.”  Therefore, we are called to promote the good of the family through a firm understanding of traditional marriage, a universal call to chastity as befits one’s station in life, and healing the wounds of sexual sin, disordered identity, and relation to the greater community including parental responsibility.  


To meet the increasingly complex challenges we face when scientific advances violate the dignity of the human person, we must know and apply Catholic moral teaching in our everyday lives.  This is Catholic bioethics and helps us to order our health and science-related decisions toward God. 

The Four Pillars: PEWS

PEWS represents both the pillars of our mission and the partnership that the clergy and lay people have in living the Gospel of Life.

Each letter represents a separate focus: Prayer, Education, Witness and Support & Service.  Moreover, PEWS acknowledges not only that our greatest resource to build a culture of life is the lay faithful—all of us in the pews—but also, that it is there in the pews of our parishes, that we derive spiritual strength and grow in formation of the Faith such that we may be inspired and prepared to bring the Good News into the world around us.




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